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Pelargonium reniforme - Silverleaf Geranium

Pelargonium reniforme is very similar to Pelargonium sidoides, excepting the flowers are pink. Pelargonium sidoides gloriana is no doubt part of this as a mix of South African Species or is in fact the same. Pelargonium reniforme grows to a foot tall and spreads slowly to 2 feet or more across. The pink flowers start to bloom in late Spring and continue through the Summer. Pelargonium reniforme is quite drought tolerant as one might expect from a South African Pelargonium. Plants have survived in light shade but clearly perform better in full sun. Pelargonium reniforme has burnt back to the ground but over-wintered in our garden with night time temperatures in the single digits.

Pelargonium reniforme, Silverleaf Geranium

Pink flowers and foliage of Pelargonium reniforme - Silverleaf Geranium. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.