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Pelargonium cordifolium - Heartleaf Geranium

Pelargonium cordifolium is a regular in my gardens. I use this large geranium for the constancy of its blooms. Pelargonium cordifolium is almost always blooming. If the weather should ever become so dire that the plants can't take it they will come back from the roots. And it takes a pretty dire situation for Pelargonium cordifolium to drop. Pelargonium cordifolium was still flowering through the frosty mornings when the temperatures dipped below 20° F. When the plants look a little unkempt I give them my own dose of Winter and cut them to the ground. They promptly sprout back. When I am looking for a plant that requires very little maintenance but provides a great show Pelargonium cordifolium is high on my list.

Pelargonium cordifolium, Heartleaf Geranium

Pink Flowers of Pelargonium cordifolium - Heartleaf Geranium. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.