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Geranium incanum - Carpet Geranium

Geranium incanum can produce a wealth of color on an easy to grow plant. I space Geranium incanum about 18" on center. The Carpet Geranium will readily replace their lost brethren if the area gets disturbed. Geranium incanum can get by with no additional water in coastal areas and will persist with very moderate irrigation requirements for inland locations. Our Geranium incanum plants out in the garden have survived quite nicely in temperatures that dip into the low 20°s and shown a little reddening of the leaves in the high teens. Geranium incanum will survive some foot traffic if you need to periodically get out to rescue some slower growing plants from the grip of the Carpet Geranium, sounds like a bad movie. If Geranium incanum has a flaw it is how well it covers, often clambering into taller plants. Geranium incanum is a prolific seed producer and the Carpet Geranium will show up in the darndest places, driveway cracks etc. Geranium incanum to be truthful is a weed, but a pretty one. Some concern about weedy plants escaping, so if your garden is near wildlands maybe this isn't the best choice.

Geranium incanum, Carpet Geranium

Pink flowers and foliage of Geranium incanum - Carpet Geranium. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.