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Tree List - Trees Appropriate for a California Landscape

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Tree List, Trees appropriate for a California Landscape

Our California Tree List includes many of the trees that have been successful in our own landscapes.

Trees are a thought to the future, but not always for as long as one might think. There are Acacias that have a predictable lifespan of 10-15 years, more and then you are living on borrowed time. Coast Live Oaks, while they may live for a hundred or more years do the majority of their growing in the first 30, treat them well in their youth.

Trees can do so much to change the physical comfort of the local environment. The temperature under a tree is often several degrees lower due to the evaporation of the transpired water vapor that they release. Trees dictate the plantings that we use by the amount of sun they block out, the space their roots take up, and the water they require, or don't. In short, time should be taken for thought about what effect this tree will have on the garden before it is planted.

A great deal of consideration should take place before planting a tree. I have seen great trees planted too close to structures, or each other, far too frequently. Too often this leads to their untimely demise. Trees that have invasive roots are regularly used as street trees. Trees that drop copious amounts of debris are planted where they overhang lawns, pools, and parking areas. And then there is the ever expanding shade issue. It is difficult to plan plantings for the growth of a young tree knowing how rapidly this can change. In the first year there is no shade to speak of but by year three or later there can be a lot. Plants that can tolerate, much less thrive, in both sun and shade are a rare commodity.

Even dead trees can have a place in the garden. Particularly trees with nest cavities. If the tree is not a hazard keeping it as part of the habitat will reward you in ways unexpected. Acorn woodpeckers are a keystone species with many other birds dependent upon their nest cavities to make nests of their own. The ultimate dead tree, a power pole. I was able to rescue a portion of an aging power pole with an acorn woodpecker cavity. Took two days but the woodpeckers found that recycled power pole in the back yard instead of the front. You have never seen more joyous birds. Dead trees are also important as roost sites for raptors and others.

So enjoy our California Tree List and plant a few of the beauties here. Your garden will thank you.

Common Names --------Plants by their Latin Names
After Dark Peppermint Tree * Agonis flexuosa After Dark
African Tulip Tree * Spathodea campanulata
African Sumac * Rhus lancea, Searsia lancea
Alexandrina Magnolia * Magnolia Alexandrina
American Gum * Liquidamber styraciflua
Angels Trumpet Tree * Brugmansia Charles Grimaldi
Apple, Anna Apple
Apricot - Blenheim Royal Apricot
Apricot Trumpet Tree * Tabebuia Apricot
Asian Pear 20th Century
Asian Pear Chojuro
Arroyo Willow * Salix lasiolepis
Australian Frangipani * Hymenosporum flavum
Australian Willow * Geijera parviflora
Banana Bush * Michelia figo
Bead Tree * Melea azedarach
Bearss Lime * Citrus x latifolia
Belah * Casuarina cristata
Bigleaf Maple * Acer macrophyllum
Big Cone Pine * Pinus coulteri
Big Poly * Eremophila bignoniiflora x polyclada
Bird of Paradise Tree * Caesalpina gilliesii
Black Lace Elderberry * Sambucus nigra Black Lace
Black Locust Purple Robe * Robinia pseudoacacia Purple Robe
Blenheim Royal Apricot * Prunus armeniaca
Blue Bush Acacia * Acacia covenyi
Blue Oak * Quercus douglassii
Bradford Pear * Pyrus calleryana
Brazilian Coral Tree * Erythrina falcata
Brazilian Rosewood * Jacaranda mimosifolia
Brisbane Box * Lophostemon confertus variegata
Bronze Loquat * Eriobotrya deflexa
Buddhist Orchid Tree * Bauhinia variegata candida
Bull Banksia * Banksia grandis
Butterflies Magnolia * Magnolia Butterflies
Cabbage Palm * Cordyline Sunrise
California Ash * Fraxinus dipetala
California Bay * Umbellularia californica
California Black Oak * Quercus kelloggii
California Box Elder * Acer negundo californicum
California Hoptree * Ptelea crenulata
California Walnut * Juglans californica
Cane's Hybrid Bottlebrush * Callistemon Cane's Hybrid
Cape Lilac * Melea azedarach
Caribbean Copper Plant * Euphorbia cotinifolia
Carrotwood Tree * Cupaniopsis anacardioides
Catalina Cherry * Prunus ilicifolia lyonii
Catalina Ironwood * Lyonothamnus floribudus
Chaste Tree * Vitex agnus castus
Chinaberry Tree * Melea azedarach
Chinese Date * Ziziphus jujuba
Chinese Fringe Tree * Chionanthus retusus
Chinese Snowball Viburnum * Viburnum macrocephalum
Chinese Wingnut * Pterocarya stenoptera
Chinkapin Oak * Quercus muehlenbergii
Chitalpa Pink Dawn
Coast Live Oak * Quercus agrifolia
Cockspur Coral * Erythrina crista-galli
Cook Tree * Cascabela thevetia
Coral Bean Tree * Erythrina bidwillii
Coral Gum * Eucalyptus torquata
Cottonwood * Populus fremontii
Coulter Pine * Pinus coulteri
Crimson Red Crape Myrtle * Lagerstroemia Crimson Red
Desert Bird of Paradise * Caesalpina gilliesii
Desert Willow * Chilopsis linearis
Dogtooth Wattle * Acacia cultriformis
Eastern Redbud * Cercis canadensis Forest Pansy
Evergreen Flowering Pear * Pyrus kawakamii
Firewheel Tree * Stenocarpus sinuatus
Floss Silk Tree * Chorisia speciosa, Ceiba speciosa
Forest Pansy Redbud * Cercis canadensis Forest Pansy
Fremont Cottonwood * Populus fremontii
Galaxy Magnolia * Magnolia Galaxy
Garry Oak * Quercus garryana
Giant Bird of Paradise * Strelitzia nicolai
Gold Angels Trumpet Tree * Brugmansia Charles Grimaldi
Gold Medallion Tree * Cassia leptophylla
Golden Rain Tree * Koelreuteria paniculata
Golden Trumpet Tree * Tabebuia chrysotricha
Granite Honey Myrtle * Melaleuca elliptica
Hairy Wattle * Acacia vestita
Holly Leaf Cherry * Prunus ilicifolia
Hong Kong Orchid Tree * Bauhinia blakeana
Jacaranda * Jacaranda mimosifolia
Jujube * Ziziphus jujuba
Kaffir Coral Tree * Erythrina caffra
Knifeleaf Wattle * Acacia cultriformis
Kumquat Nagami * Fortunella margarita
Leather Oak * Quercus durata
Lilly Pilly * Acmena smithii
Little Kurrajong * Brachychiton bidwillii

Maidenhair Tree * Ginkgo biloba
Marina Strawberry Tree * Arbutus Marina
Maytens Tree * Maytenus boaria
Mexican Elderberry * Sambucus mexicana
Mimosa Tree * Albizia julibrissin
Mountain Dogwood * Cornus nuttallii
Mountain Ebony * Bauhinia variegata
Mudgee Wattle * Acacia spectabilis
Mugga * Eucalyptus sideroxylon
Naked Coral Tree * Erythrina coralloides
Natchez Crape Myrtle * Lagerstroemia Natchez
Native Frangipani * Hymenosporum flavum
Nectarine Panamint * Prunus persica nucipersica
Northern Catalpa * Catalpa speciosa
Orange Bells * Tecoma X smithii
Oregon Oak * Quercus garryana
Ovens Wattle * Acacia pravissima
Palo Verde * Parkinsonia Desert Museum
Paperbark Tree * Melaleuca quinquenervia
Peach May Pride
Pearl Acacia * Acacia podalariifolia
Peppermint Tree * Agonis flexuosa
Persian Lilac * Melea azedarach
Persimmon * Diosporos virginiana
Punk Tree * Melaleuca quinquenervia
Pineapple guava * Feijoa sellowiana, Acca sellowiana
Pink Star Magnolia * Magnolia stellata rosea
Pinyon Pine * Pinus monophylla
Plum Elephant Heart * Prunus salacina
Poinciana * Caesalpina pulcherrima
Pomegranate Wonderful * Punica granatum
Pomegranate Flowering * Punica granatum legrelliae
Purple Fernleaf Acacia * Acacia baileyana purpurea
Purple Hopseed Bush * Dodonaea viscosa purpurea
Purple Peppermint Tree * Agonis flexuosa After Dark
Purple Robe Black Locust * Robinia pseudoacacia Purple Robe
Purple Trumpet Tree * Tabebuia impetiginosa
Queensland Frangipani * Hymenosporum flavum
Red Bird of Paradise * Caesalpina pulcherrima
Red Box, Silver Dollar Gum * Eucalyptus polyanthemos
Red Flowering Gum * Corymbia ficifolia, Eucalyptus ficifolia
Red Ironbark * Eucalyptus sideroxylon
Red Orchid Bush * Bauhinia galpinii
Red Pencil Tree * Euphorbia tirucalli Sticks on Fire
River Bankisa * Banksia seminuda
River Wattle * Acacia cognata
Sapphire Dragon Tree * Paulonia kawakamii
Saucer Magnolia * Magnolia soulangiana
Saucer Magnolia * Magnolia soulangiana Brozzonii
Scrub Oak * Quercus berberidifolia
Shoestring Acacia * Acacia stenophylla
Silk Tree * Albizia julibrissin
Silky Oak * Grevillea robusta
Silver Dollar Gum, Red Box * Eucalyptus polyanthemos
Silver Maple * Acer saccharinum
Silver Princess * Eucalyptus caesia magna
Silver Wattle * Acacia dealbata
Single Leaf Pinyon Pine * Pinus monophylla
Smoke Tree * Cotinus coggyria
Snowy River Wattle * Acacia boormanii
Star Magnolia * Magnolia stellata
Strawberry Snowball Tree * Dombeya cacuminum
Strawberry Tree * Arbutus unedo
Summer Chocolate Mimosa * Albizia Summer Chocolate
Sweet Olive * Osmanthus fragrans
Sweet Shade * Hymenosporum flavum
Sycamore * Platanus racemosa
Taiwan Flowering Cherry * Prunus campanulata
Tambookie Thorn * Erythrina acanthocarpa
Tea Tree * Melaleuca alternifolia
Thornless Palo Verde * Parkinsonia Desert Museum
Toyon * Heteromeles arbutifolia
Tree Dahlia * Dahlia imperials
Tree Mallow * Lavatera assurgentiflora
Trident Maple * Acer buergerianum
Tropical Hydrangea * Dombeya wallichii
Trumpet Tree * Brugmansia candida
Tucker's Oak * Quercus john-tuckeri
Valley Oak * Quercus lobata
Water Gum * Tristaniopsis laurina
Western Redbud * Cercis occidentalis
White Floss Silk Tree * Chorisia insignis, Ceiba insignis
White Orchid Tree * Bauhinia variegata candida
White Trumpet Tree * Brugmansia Betty Marshal
Willow Rhus * Rhus lancea, Searsia lancea
Yellow Elder * Tecoma stans
Yellow Oleander * Cascabela thevetia

Trees ordered by their Latin Names

Acacia baileyana purpurea * Purple Fernleaf Acacia
Acacia boormanii * Snowy River Wattle
Acacia cognata * River Wattle
Acacia covenyi * Blue Bush Acacia
Acacia cultriformis * Knifeleaf Wattle, Knife Wattle, Dogtooth Wattle
Acacia dealbata * Silver Wattle
Acacia podalariifolia * Pearl Acacia
Acacia pravissima * Ovens Wattle
Acacia spectabilis * Mudgee Wattle
Acacia stenophylla * Shoestring Acacia
Acacia vestita * Hairy Wattle
Acca sellowiana * Pineapple Guava
Acer buergerianum * Trident Maple
Acer macrophyllum * Bigleaf Maple
Acer negundo californicum * California Box Elder, Boxelder
Acer saccharinum * Silver Maple
Acmena smithii * Lilly Pilly
Agonis flexuosa * Peppermint Tree
Agonis flexuosa After Dark * Purple Peppermint Tree, After Dark Peppermint Tree
Albizia julibrissin * Mimosa Tree, Silk Tree
Albizia Summer Chocolate * Summer Chocolate Mimosa, Summer Chocolate Silk Tree
Apple - Anna Apple
Apricot - Blenheim Royal Apricot
Arbutus Marina * Marina Strawberry Tree
Arbutus unedo * Strawberry Tree
Banksia grandis * Bull Banksia
Banksia seminuda * River Banksia
Bauhinia blakeana * Hong Kong Orchid Tree
Bauhinia galpinii * Red Orchid Bush
Bauhinia variegata * Mountain Ebony
Bauhinia variegata candida * Buddhist Orchid Tree
Brugmansia Betty Marshall * White Trumpet Tree
Brugmansia x candida * Datura or Trumpet Tree
Brugmansia Charles Grimaldi * Gold Angel's Trumpet Tree
Caesalpinia californica
Caesalpinia gilliesii * Desert Bird of Paradise
Caesalpinia pulcherrima * Red Bird of Paradise, Poinciana
Callistemon Cane's Hybrid * Cane's Bottlebrush
Callistemon viminalis * Weeping Bottlebrush
Cascabela thevetia * Yellow Oleander, Cook Tree
Cassia leptophylla * Gold Medallion Tree
Casuarina cristata * Belah
Catalpa speciosa * Northern Catalpa
Ceiba insignis * White Floss Silk Tree
Ceiba speciosa * Floss Silk Tree
Cercis canadensis Forest Pansy * Eastern Redbud, Forest Pansy Redbud
Cercis occidentalis * Western Redbud
Chilopsis linearis * Desert Willow
Chilopsis linearis Purple Splendor * Desert Willow
Chionanthus retusus * Chinese Fringe Tree
Chitalpa 'Pink Dawn'
Chorisia insignis * White Floss Silk Tree
Chorisia speciosa * Floss Silk Tree
Citrus x latifolia * Bearss Lime
Cordyline Sunrise * Cabbage Palm
Cornus nuttallii * Mountain Dogwood
Corymbia ficifolia * Red Flowering Gum
Cotinus coggygria * Smoke Tree
Cupaniopsis anacardioides * Carrotwood Tree
Dahlia imperialis * Tree Dahlia
Deciduous Fruit Trees List
Diosporos virginiana * American Persimmon
Dodonaea viscosa purpurea * Purple Hopseed Bush
Dombeya cacuminum * Strawberry Snowball Tree
Dombeya wallichii * Tropical Hydrangea
Eremophila bignoniiflora x polyclada * Big Poly Emu Bush
Eriobotrya deflexa * Bronze Loquat
Erythrina acanthocarpa * Tambookie Thorn
Erythrina bidwillii * Coral Bean Tree
Erythrina caffra * Kaffir Coral
Erythrina coralloides * Naked Coral Tree
Erythrina crista-galli * Cockspur Coral
Erythrina falcata * Brazilian Coral Tree
Eucalyptus caesia magna * Silver Princess
Eucalyptus ficifolia * Red Flowering Gum
Eucalyptus polyanthemos * Silver Dollar Gum, Red Box
Eucalyptus sideroxylon * Red Ironbark
Eucalyptus torquata * Coral Gum
Euphorbia cotinifolia * Caribbean Copper Plant
Euphorbia tirucalli Sticks on Fire * Red Pencil Tree
Fiejoa seloiana * Pineapple Guava
Fortunella margarita * Kumquat Nagami
Fraxinus dipetala * California Ash
Geijera parviflora * Australian willow
Gingko biloba * Maidenhair Tree
Grevillia robusta * Silky Oak
Heteromeles arbutifolia * Toyon
Hymenosporum flavum * Sweet Shade
Jacaranda mimosifolia * Jacaranda
Juglans californica * California Walnut
Koelreuteria paniculata * Golden Rain Tree
Lagerstroemia Crimson Red * Crimson Red Crape Myrtle
Lagerstroemia Natchez * Natchez Crape Myrtle
Lavatera assurgentiflora * Island Tree Mallow
Lavatera purisima * Purisima Tree Mallow
Liquidamber styraciflua * American Gum
Lophostemon confertus variegata * Variegated Brisbane Box, Variegated Brush Box
Lyonothamnus floribundus * Catalina Ironwood

Magnolia Alexandrina * Alexandrina Magnolia
Magnolia Butterflies * Butterflies Magnolia
Magnolia dianica * Michelia yunnanensis
Magnolia Figo * Banana Bush
Magnolia Galaxy * Galaxy Magnolia
Magnolia quinquipeta 'nigra' * Lily Magnolia
Magnolia soulangiana * Saucer Magnolia
Magnolia soulangiana 'brozzonii' * Saucer Magnolia
Magnolia stellata * Star Magnolia
Magnolia stellata 'rosea' * Pink Star Magnolia
Maytenus boaria * Maytens Tree
Melaleuca alternifolia * Tea Tree
Melaleuca elliptica * Granite Honey Myrtle
Melaleuca quinquenervia * Paperbark Tree, Punk Tree
Melea azedarach * Chinaberry Tree, Bead Tree, Cape Lilac, Persian Lilac
Michelia figo * Banana Bush
Michelia yunnanensis * Magnolia dianica
Osmanthus fragrans * Sweet Olive
Nectarine Panamint
Paulonia kawakamii * Sapphire Dragon Tree
Palm Tree List
Parkinsonia aculeata Desert Museum * Thornless Palo Verde
Pinus coulteri * Coulter Pine, Big Cone Pine
Pinus monophylla * Single Leaf Pinyon Pine
Pistacia chinensis * Chinese Pistache
Platanus racemosa * Sycamore
Plum - Elephant Heart
Populus fremontii * Fremont Cottonwood
Prunus campanulata * Taiwan Flowering Cherry
Prunus ilicifolia * Holly Leafed Cherry
Prunus ilicifolia ssp. lyonii * Catalina Cherry
Ptelea crenulata * California Hoptree
Pterocarya stenoptera * Chinese Wingnut
Punica granatum * Pomegranate 'Wonderful'
Punica granatum legrelliae * Flowering Pomegranate
Pyrus 'asian pear' var '20th century'
Pyrus calleryana * Bradford Pear
Pyrus kawakamii * Evergreen Flowering Pear
Quercus agrifolia * Coast Live Oak
Quercus berberidifolia * Scrub Oak
Quercus douglasii * Blue Oak
Quercus dumosa * Scrub Oak
Quercus durata * Leather Oak
Quercus garryana * Oregon Oak
Quercus john-tuckeri * Tucker's Oak
Quercus kelloggii * California Black Oak
Quercus lobata * Valley Oak
Quercus muehlenbergii * Chinkapin Oak
Rhus lancea * African Sumac, Willow Rhus
Robinia pseudoacacia Purple Robe * Purple Robe Black Locust
Salix lasiolepis * Arroyo Willow
Sambucus mexicana * Mexican Elderberry
Sambucus nigra Black Lace * Black Lace Elderberry
Searsia lancea * African Sumac, Willow Rhus
Spathodea campanulata * African Tulip Tree
Stenocarpus sinuatus * Firewheel Tree
Strelitzia nicolai * Giant Bird of Paradise
Tabebuia Apricot * Apricot Trumpet Tree
Tabebuia chrysotricha * Golden Trumpet Tree
Tabebuia impetiginosa * Purple Trumpet Tree
Tecoma X Smithii * Orange Bells
Tecoma stans * Yellow Elder
Tristania conferta variegatus * Variegated Brisbane Box, Variegated Brush Box
Tristaniopsis laurina * Water Gum
Umbellularia californica * California Bay
Viburnum macrocephalum * Chinese Snowball Viburnum
Vitex agnus castus * Chaste Tree
Ziziphus jujuba * Chinese Jujube, Chinese Date