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Dahlia imperialis ~ Tree Dahlia

Dahlia imperialis may be the biggest fastest perennials you will ever grow. The Tree Dahlia can grow to 12-16 feet tall. The canes are the size of timber bamboo and kind of look like it too. Dahlia imperialis blooms in the late Fall and into January. Even a moderate frost will singe off the flowers so this beauty needs to be planted in a near frost free location. Dahlia imperialis is native to Mexico. The tree dahlia can be found with single pink flowers, white flowers and double flowers of each color. I try to plant Dahlia imperialis in a full sun location, preferably on a South exposure. Dahlia imperialis is a fine addition to the Butterfly Garden attracting the Painted Lady Butterfly, California Common Ringlet, Mormon Metalmark, Northern White Skipper, Great Purple Hairstreak, and the White Checkered Skipper.

Dahlia imperialis, Tree Dahlia

Flowers and foliage of Dahlia imperialis - Tree Dahlia. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.