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Diosporos virginiana | American Persimmon Tree

Golden Yellow leaves, deep orange persimmon fruit, Fall is here. And the persimmon cookies and persimmon bread keep rolling out of the oven. The American Persimmon tree can get to about 25-30 feet tall and wide. I find that I like the look of the tree more if I give it a little shape. The branches can sometimes break themselves down under the weight of the fruit. I try to leave the persimmons on the tree until the birds start working the first few persimmons over. I have seen trees pollarded with great space saving results. But I like the look of a naturally shaped tree. The fruit is great when it is dead ripe and darn puckery when it is not. The Persimmon Tree foliage is interesting in both the spring when it comes out with a pink tint as well as the Fall when it turns yellow as the leaves drop. My tree took a number of years to start producing persimmons and you can see that it has started now. The chocolate persimmon has more blackening on the fruit and requires more chill. Persimmon trees will produce at the coast as well as in the inland valleys in frost free conditions as well as much colder situations. Diospyros is also the genus for ebony. Diospyros virginiana wood is often found in older furniture. The wood is very dense and heavy. The Puddings, breads and cookies you can make with the fruit are devine

American Persimmon, Diosporos virginiana

Orange fruit of the American Persimmon Tree. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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