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Plant Lists

We have developed lists of plants that we like to include in our landscape designs. These are plants that we have become familiar with in our landscapes and feel that you might enjoy knowing about too. The lists will be regularly updated to reflect our newest favorites as pictures are taken of them and inspiration strikes. If there are specific plants that you would like information about but can't find on our lists please ask. Plants move so quickly through the nursery trade that it is hard for anyone to keep up with all of the plants that are currently available. Since plants that are blooming are poor choices for planting we aim to provide information and photographs so you can better know what you are buying and planting in your garden. We are only a fraction of the way there with many more plants to post. Click on the letters below to link to alphabetical lists of the plants.

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Flowers by color:
Blue Flowers   Pink Flowers   Purple Flowers   Orange Flowers   Red Flowers   Salmon Flowers   Yellow Flowers   White Flowers

Drought Tolerant Plants Use plants that have needs that match our climate. Drought Tolerant Trees

Dry Shade Garden Great Plants for the conditions under native oaks, specifying plants appropriate to the survival of the trees including some appropriate ferns.

California Native Plants What could be more appropriate for our landscapes than plants and wildflowers from our local natural environment?

California Native Shade Garden Cast some shade on the California Native Plants. No way!! there are lots of native plants well suited for the shade garden, including some of these California Native Sages.

Wildflower Garden A different kind of gardening, scatter seed at just the right moment and stand back

Full Sun Plants A place for a lot of color in the landscape

Succulents Plants for a Drought Tolerant Garden

Perennial Plants For cut flowers, for long lasting color in the landscape.

Spring Flowers: There is no season with more flowers in the garden.

Summer Flowers: These sturdy flowering plants can stand the heat

Fall Flowers: This is often the most difficult time to find blooms in the garden.

Trees for California A spot of shade, a visual screen, connection to the shared view. Drought Tolerant Trees

Shade Garden A natural Air Conditioner

Shrubs Forming the structure of the garden, and with amazing colorful foliage and flower displays

Silver and Gray Garden: Bring the soft foliage colors of our region into your garden design

Fall Color There is nothing that brings the season to a satisfying close better than a Fall foliage and berry display.

Salvia : Sage More than 100 Sages for your garden, and a bunch of California Native Sages are here too.

Ceanothus : California Lilac Fragrant whether they are low and flat or 12 feet tall

Deciduous Fruit Trees: My goal is to eat fruit from my trees all year long.

Vines They may be slow to start but once they start watch them go. It is important to know how big and fast they can grow when you may be burdened with massive pruning jobs later.

Rare and unusual Plants Why use something ordinary when an exceptional plant can fill the bill

Ornamental Grasses A soft touch and some movement for a landscape

Bulbs Bring a surprise element to your garden

Critters in the Garden With diversity of plants you get diversity of the creatures that will call your garden home. Bring a little excitement to your garden

Deer Resistant Plants Choose plants that are not deer bait. If they are hungry enough nothing is safe, but these plants will not be the first ones that the deer eat.

Fragrant Garden Follow your nose

Butterfly Garden Flying flowers, choose plants that the Butterflies like too

Hummingbird Garden. Not much that moves faster than these in your garden

Rose Lists: David Austin Roses Hybrid Teas, Old species Roses, Climbers and more.

Palm Trees: Looking to add a little bit of the tropics to your yard. There are more than just a few specimens