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Casuarina cristata - Sheoak - Belah

Casuarina cristata is an Australian tree in the sheoaks Family known as Belah. Casuarina cristata grows to around 40 feet. The trees resemble pines from a distance. Casuarina cristata in the wild grows in the riparian zone. They are both drought tolerant and capable of growing with damp soil. The seedpods of Casuarina cristata are interesting and often used for flower arrangements. The long slender leaves look like pine needles and have small red flowers. The leaf litter can often accumulate deep enough to block out the weeds. They are known for the sound of the wind blowing through them. Casuarina is winter hardy to 12° F or lower.

Casuarina cristata, Sheoak, Belah

Flowers and foliage of Casuarina cristata Belah. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

Casuarina cristata, Sheoak, Belah

Casuarina cristata aspect shot.