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Erythrina caffra * Coast Coral Tree

The Coast Coral Tree blooms with clusters of orange flowers at the tips of the branches in the early spring. Erythrina caffra is often used in public spaces such as street medians, parkways, and parking lots. The Coast Coral Tree will sporadically continue to bloom throughout much of the rest of the year. The wood can be quite weak. The Erythrina caffra trees grow very quickly and can get a substantial trunk in just a couple of years. The downside to their rapid growth and weak wood they require regular pruning or they will collapse upon themselves. Their roots are also substantial so if they are planted near sidewalks, driveways, or foundations root barriers are a must. Erythrina caffra foliage will be damaged in mid 20°s F, leaf damage at even less, wood will be lost if it gets colder.

Erythrina caffra, Coast Coral Tree

A dense cluster of orange flowers of Erythrina caffra - Coast Coral Tree. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.