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Abutilon megapotamicum Seashell - Seashell Chinese Lantern

Abutilon Seashell is one of the shade loving plants that I frequently plant. I feel like a have a bit of the tropics around me with this plant and yet it is amazingly cold hardy considering the tropical look of the plant, weathering winter temperatures near 20°F for me and I hear even colder for others. The unusual shape of the flower catches my attention. I like the colored bracts they contrast well with the pale pink flowers. This shrub has grown to a loose open shrub up to 8 feet tall for me. The paler mat textured leaves belong to the abutilon. The glossy leaves belong to a nearby sage. Hummingbirds feed from the Chinese Lantern flowers by reaching in between the sepals and petals to seek out the nectaries.

Abutalon Seashell, Seashell Chinese Lantern

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