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Abutilon Moonchimes * Yellow Chinese Lantern

Abutilon Moon Chimes holds its yellow flowers hanging below the branches. The soft leaves of this yellow abutilon hybrid make a lush tropical look on a dry garden diet. But in our area a little more water than nature provides is required. The similar Abutilon Moon Glow is a paler yellow. Abutilon Moon Chimes is tender with temperatures in the mid to low 20°s F. The yellow, white, and apricot flowered abutilons all seem to have the same foliage and branching form. They have small hairs on the leaves, the branches droop, the flowers open only about half way. Hummingbirds feed from the Chinese Lantern flowers by reaching in between the sepals and petals to seek out the nectaries.

Abutalon hybridum yellow, Yellow Abutilon

Flowers of Abutilon Moon Chimes, Yellow Chinese Lantern

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