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Abutilon hybridum peach * Chinese Lantern

The leaves of Abutilon hybridum peach look much better when protected by a bit light of shade, though the Chinese Lanterns will tolerate full sun near the coast. Abutilon Peach flowers are pink fading to yellow at the tips The white, yellow, and apricot Abutilon varieties seem to be a bit smaller than the red or pink. The pink is truly the largest sometimes getting more than 10' x 10'. I usually can expect the smaller ones to be in the 6 foot range. The Chinese Lantern's survive in a low water garden, but look much better when watered regularly. The Abutilon Peach flowers are generally pendulous. The red opens the widest. Hummingbirds feed from the Chinese Lantern flowers by reaching in between the sepals and petals to seek out the nectaries.

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Abutilon Peach

High resolution photos of Abutalon hybridum Peach are part of our garden image collection.

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