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Sphaeralcea fulva La Luna - La Luna Globe Mallow

Sphaeralcea fulva La Luna is a standout groundcover. The La Luna Globe Mallow will spread to 4-5 feet across and grow to about 2 feet tall. This white flowering Globe Mallow will tolerate temperatures into the teens and keep on blooming through the winter. The Northern Baja California natives are very tolerant of dry garden conditions but will take a bit of water. Compared to Sphaeralcea phillipiana these plants are a little taller and more open. The stems have a golden cast from the small hairs on them. In the late Spring and Summer. Sphaeralcea Fulva La Luna is larval food for the Northern White Skipper and a great addition to the Butterfly Garden. Sphaeralcea fulva La Luna is a Santa Barbara Botanic Garden introduction

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Sphaeralcea fulva La Luna