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Calochortus invenustus ~ Plain Mariposa Lily

Calochortus invenustus grows in habitat varying from a seasonal bog or open meadow at an elevations ranging between 4,500-9000 feet. The pale lavender pink flowers are quite striking. Mariposa translates to butterfly. Calochortus invenustus blooms in the late spring. The native range of Calochortus invenustus includes the Sierra Nevada Range, Coastal Ranges, and the Tehachapi's. This species of Mariposa Lily is more likely to be successful in the garden setting than many of the other Calochortus because of its broad soil tolerance. I saw numerous ornate checkered beetles in the flowers but none of the flowers were eaten. Calochortus flowers are often havens for intriguing insects. This series of Calochortus invenustus photos were taken at Mount Pinos, CA.

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Calochortus invenustus, Plain Mariposa Lily