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Calochortus minimus ~ Sierra Mariposa Lily

Calochortus minimus is such a sweet small flower. It was a great surprise finding this Small white Mariposa Lily growing up through the rest of the growth. This picture was taken on the South rim of Yosemite Valley. Calochortus minimus can be found in moist forest margins and on the margins of lakes at elevations of 3,000-9,000 feet. These Mariposa Lily flowers are white, about 1/2 to 3/4" across. The english translation of mariposa means butterfly. I have not seen the flowers attract the butterflys but from a distance there could be a resemblance. Regardless they are astoundingly beautiful. They bloom in the late spring. The native range of this species is the found within the Sierra Nevada Range.

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Calochortus minimus, Sierra Mariposa Lily