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Adiantum aleuticum, Adiantum pedatum ~ Five Fingered Fern

Adiantum aleuticum is native to Western US and Canada. The Five Fingered Fern grows in moist seeps and on the faces of misty waterfalls. In fern walls the Adiantum aleuticum establishes where the water is most reliable. Like many plants adapted to the arid West Adiantum aleuticum will hibernate through a dry spell for quite some time. Adiantum aleuticum is the accepted name for what was Adiantum pedatum. Adiantum aleuticum will grow well in humusy soils and containers with regular water and shade. Black stems and vibrantly green leaves make the Five Fingered Fern stand out in any garden. The Five Fingered Fern is winter hardy to temperature minimums that reach 14-23°s F.

Adiantum aleuticum, Five Fingered Fern

Adiantum aleuticum the Five Fingered Fern growing at the base of a rock. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.