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Myriopteris covillei - Coville's Lip Fern

Myriopteris covillei is found in crevices or creeping out from under boulders. Myriopteris covillei will grow in sun or shade. The old genus name is Cheilanthes and plants can often be found under that name. Myriopteris covillei may go dormant if the season gets extreme but the plants are very drought tolerant. Myriopteris covillei grows in rocky craigs from California to Utah and Baja and Oregon from near the coast up to 9000 feet elevation. The foliage of Coville's Lip Fern is a verdant green throughout the Winter months. The leaf surface is a mass of fine round bumps that look like cobbles.

Myriopteris covillei, Coville's Lip Fern

Working well as a potted plant Myriopteris covillei - Coville's Lip Fern. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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