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Phoenix roebelenii - Pygmy Date Palm

Phoenix roebelenii is a good palm for a container or for a smaller garden. Because of its small stature Phoenix roebelenii is on of the most commonly used palms in the landscape. The Pygmy Date Palm does surprisingly well in a shady location, but really prefers full sun. Phoenix roebelenii is native to South East Asia. Phoenix roebelinii will grow 6" of trunk or so per year. I am careful to trim off the whole frond of the Pygmy Date Palm as the thorns at the base of the frond are very sharp. As they age these thorns can break off and really become a menace. If you trim each frond below the spines Phoenix roebelenii is fairly easily managed. I have actually seen Phoenix roebelenii trimmed with a hedge trimmer at commercial shopping centers. This seems like one of the greatest gaffs in plant maintenance. To repeat the obvious, in the hopes I will never have to see it again, it is really ugly too.

Phoenix roebelenii, Pygmy Date Palm

With pups one palm becomes many - Phoenix roebelenii - Pygmy Date Palm. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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