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Phoenix reclinata - Senegal Date Palm

The slender trunks of the Senegal Date Palm are magnificent as they are skyward. To look its best Phoenix reclinata should be kept thinned and have the pups removed when you have enough stalks. Phoenix reclinata trees are a true menace while the fronds are left low enough that they could be run into. The lower leaves of the fronds are wicked enough to stick you and sharp enough that you will remember for quite some time to come. Phoenix reclinata will pup prolifically and will make a beautiful natural clump. The Senegal Date Palm is hardy to the low 20°s F or even into the teens but all leaves will be lost well into Spring if it gets that low. Phoenix reclinata can make a fine security hedge if you let them go. They are native to tropical Africa. They also sometimes go under the name of Phoenix paludosa.

Phoenix reclinata, Senegal Date Palm

of Phoenix reclinata - Senegal Date Palm. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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