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Phoenix canariensis - Canary Island Date Palm

Phoenix canariensis is one of the hardier palms. I have seen the Canary Island Date Palm weather temperatures into the teens. This is also one of the larger palms. Phoenix canariensis can grow as much as 3 feet per year. The Canary Island Date Palm has fronds that are very spiny near the base. Phoenix canariensis is one of the most popular palms in shopping malls because of the low cost for a substantial tree. The trees are often "pineappled" like these to keep fronds from falling on cars or pedestrians. Phoenix canariensis is susceptable to a fungal disease that kills the tops of the trees. The disease is often carried from tree to tree by saws and trimming equipment. Some sanitation should be in order when trimming Phoenix canariensis.

Phoenix canariensis, Canary Island Date Palm

Recently trimmed/overtrimmed tops of Phoenix canariensis - Canary Island Date Palm. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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