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Phacelia parryi - Parry's Phacelia

Phacelia parryi is native to the coast and coastal ranges of Southern California. Parry's Phacelia is a long blooming annual beginning to bloom as early as February and continuing through the Spring as long as the weather holds. Phacelia parryi grows 8" to about a foot tall and at least as wide. The reliable Parry's Phacelia is a good purple flowered addition to the wildflower mix, particularly near the coast where it naturally occurs. Phacelia campanularia should be used for inland gardens. Wildflowers in our area are best broadcast in the garden with the first of the rains in the Fall. Phacelia parryi grows 8" to 12" tall and spreads a foot or more in a good year.

Phacelia parryi, Parry's Phacelia

Deep purple flowers with a white spot at the base of each petal - Phacelia parryi - Parry's Phacelia. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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