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Phacelia ciliata - Great Valley Phacelia

Phacelia ciliata, the Great Valley Phacelia, is part of the extraordinary displays of wildflowers on the Carizzo Plain. Phacelia ciliata grows in heavy soils and is tolerant of alkaline conditions. Phacelia ciliata grows to about a foot tall, the purple flowers can look like an inland sea of color.  The Great Valley Phacelia can often be found in roadcuts and disturbed locations. Phacelia ciliata succeeds in many garden settings where other wildflowers have a difficult time contending with the clay soil types that they are not well adapted to.

Phacelia ciliata, Great Valley Phacelia

Purple blue flowers of Phacelia ciliata - Great Valley Phacelia. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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