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Origanum Kaliteri - Kaliteri Oregano, Greek Mountain Oregano

Origanum Kaliteri forms a low mound of gray green foliage. Our Kaliteri Oregano produces clouds of white flowers in the late Spring and through the Summer. The foliage of Origanum Kaliteri is pungent and vibrantly flavorful. Origanum Kaliteri has performed admirably in our garden with no extra water or for that matter, much care except for an annual shearing. Origanum Kaliteri grows 18" tall and wide. Our Greek Oregano plants have over-Wintered with nightly temperatures in the mid teens.

Origanum Kaliteri, Kaliteri Oregaon

White flowers and grey foliage of Origanum Kaliteri. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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