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Origanum dictamnus - Crete Dittany

Origanum dictamnus is a great rock garden plant. I have had some difficulty growing Crete Dittany in heavier soils but in well drained sunny locations it does great. The Origanum dictamnus leaves can be used in salads and are used to flavor Vermouth. The flower heads can be used in an herbal tea. Origanum dictamnus is supposed to be good for the stomach, but not too bad as just tea. The pink flowers with their colored bracts are showy through Spring and Summer. My plants have gotten about 8-10 inches tall. Origanum dictamnus will spread and trail nicely. Crete Dittany can withstand full sun on reflective rocks.

Origanum dictamnus, Crete Dittany

Pink flowers and reddish bracts trailing over a rock - Origanum dictamnus - Crete Dittany. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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