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Origanum laevigatum Hopley's Purple - Hopley's Purple Oregano

Origanum laevigatum Hopleys Purple is a pleasant addition to the perennial bed. This ornamental Oregano flowers for a long time, late Spring through Fall, and unlike the culinary varieties it doesn't run amok too quickly. Origanum Hopley's Purple can grow from 18-24 inches tall and spreads a few inches a year in each direction. I prune Origanum Hopley's Purple back to near ground level as the purple flowers fade and completely in mid-winter. The leaves of this ornamental oregano are fragrant. Origanum Hopley's Purple is hardy to 0° F.

Origanum Hopley's Purple

Flowers and foliage of Origanum laevigatum Hopley's Purple. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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