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Oenothera elata hookeri - Hooker's Evening Primrose

Oenothera elata hookeri is a biennial or short lived perennial in warmer gardens. Hooker's Evening Primrose is prolific from seed and will grow as an annual in colder gardens. Oenothera elata hookeri grows a 4-6 foot stalk with its yellow flowers at the top and leaves at the bottom. Hooker's Evening Primrose attracts a variety of seed eating birds. The Great Ash Sphinx Moth is attracted to the fragrant flowers. Oenothera elata hookeri blooms in the Spring and continues well into Summer and may rebloom in the Fall. Oenothera elata hookeri is common in disturbed areas and is easy to grow in the garden. Due to the random nature of seedlings this is not the best choice for the orderly garden but is great for a casual native garden.

Oenothera elata hookeri, Hooker's Evening Primrose

A cluster of large yellow flowers on a tall stalk - Oenothera elata hookeri - Hooker's Evening Primrose. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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