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Cosmos sulphureus * Sulphur Cosmos

Cosmos sulphureus flowers vary from yellow to orange. Some can come with a dark center. Cosmos sulphureus can grow to 7 feet in its native habitat in Mexico. It has escaped into the wild in about half of the US including California. Cultivatars range between 18" and 24" tall. Cosmos sulphureus self sows freely. Care should be taken if you garden near wild areas with this plant. Wildflowers that require no supplimental water are a great way to expand the reach of the Drought Tolerant Garden. Cosmos sulphureus looks best with infrequent deep soakings. It is best to spread seed for the wild garden with the first significant rains in the Fall. Cosmos sulphureus blooms from late Spring through Fall and is a nectar source for many butterflies including the Painted Lady, California Common Ringlet, Mormon Metalmark, Northern White Skipper, and the White Checkered Skipper and guardedly deserves a place in the butterfly garden, please be careful with this one if you choose to plant it.

Cosmos sulphureus, Sulphur Cosmos

Flowers and foliage of Cosmos sulphureus the Sulphur Cosmos. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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