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Digitalis mertonensis * Strawberry Floxglove

Digitalis mertonensis is a garden cross between D. grandiflora and D. purpurea. Digitalis mertonensis will live for 2-3 years, primarily blooming during the second season. The flower color is a pinkish red. Digitalis mertonensis will bloom from mid to late Spring. The plants are poisonous and should not be planted where this could be a problem. The turnabout to that this is what keeps them safe from the deer. Digitalis mertonensis requires good soil and moderate moisture. Digitalis mertonensis is Winter hardy to zone 4.

Digitalis mertonensis, Strawberry Foxglove

Flowers and foliage of Digitalis mertonensis - Strawberry Foxglove. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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