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Argyranthemum Silver Lady ~ Silver Lady Marguerite

Argyranthemum frutescens Silver Lady puts on a spectacular show of flowers from Spring to Fall if you can keep up. The Silver Lady Marguerite needs to have its many dead flowers removed regularly to look its best. Argyranthemum Silver Lady grows 18" to 2 feet tall and wide. Argyranthemum Silver Lady has an abundance of white flowers and green foliage. Marguerites prefer regular moisture but do poorly if conditions get soggy. Argyranthemum Silver Lady blooms best in full sun but will tolerate some light shade. Argyranthemum Silver Lady is an annual in all but frost free or nearly frost free gardens. Argyranthemum Madeira Cherry Red is a fine addition to the Butterfly Garden attracting the California Dogface, Clouldless Sulfur, Common Buckeye, Northern White Skipper, Mormon Metalmark, California Common Ringlet, Great Purple Hairstreak, and Painted Lady Butterflies. Hard pruning in the fall renews Argyranthemum Silver Lady for the next season. Argyranthemum Silver Lady is grown under the name Chrysanthemum Silver Lady by some growers. The common name of Paris Daisy is also applied to the Argyranthemum/Marguerite group. Argyranthemum Silver Lady is a full sun plant at the coast and will appreciate a little shade if you garden approaches desert conditions. Argyranthemum Silver Lady is often grown as an annual in areas where conditions are too harsh. There are a wide range of Marguerite cultivars with foliage ranging from green to silver, and flowers pink to yellow to white.

Argyranthemum frutescens Silver Lady

Flowers and foliage of Argyranthemum Silver Lady the Silver Lady Marguerite. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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