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Anthemis tinctoria * Dyer's Chamomile, Golden Marguerite

Anthemis tinctoria has a long history in gardens. It is also called Dyer's Chamomile for it uses and Golden Marguerite or Paris Flower for its beauty as a cut flower. Anthemis tinctoria grows to 3 feet tall and wide. The golden yellow flowers are in bloom from late Spring into Fall. It can take a lot of flowers to make dye, 1-2 quarts per batch. Deadheading promotes new flower growth. Plants are generally cut nearly to the ground in the Winter to keep them looking fresh. Anthemis tinctoria does best in a dryer sunny spot in the garden. Anthemis tinctoria has fragrant finely divided green leaves that are woolly underneath. Anthemis tinctoria is a fine addition to the Butterfly Garden attracting the California Dogface, Clouldless Sulfur, Common Buckeye, Northern White Skipper, White Checkered Skipper, Mormon Metalmark, California Common Ringlet, Great Purple Hairstreak, and Painted Lady Butterflies.

Anthemis tinctoria, Dyer's Chamomile, Golden Marguerite

Golden yellow flowers of Anthemis tinctoria commonly called Dyer's Chamomile or Golden Marguerite. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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Anthemis tinctoria * Dyer's Chamomile, Golden Marguerite
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