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Vitex rotundifolia - Beach Vitex, Round Leaf Vitex

Vitex rotundifolia is native to SE Asia, India, Australia, and many Pacific Islands including Hawaii. Beach Vitex is low growing dune shrub that spreads by both seed and underground runners. The Round Leaf Vitex has proven to be invasive in a number of coastal settings, particularly in the SE USA. Vitex rotundifolia prefers full sun, is drought tolerant and is not too particular about soils so long as they drain well. Vitex rotundifolia grows to 1-2 feet tall and will spread far more if allowed. Vitex rotundifolia has fragrant leaves and produces clusters of purple to blue flowers from late Winter in our area to Late Spring and Summer elsewhere. Vitex rotundifolia has been used medicinally in its native landscape. Vitex rotundifolia is Winter deciduous in many areas. It is a beautiful plant but it is our recommendation not to plant this one too close to where it might get loose in the wild unless it is a local native. Vitex rotundifolia is favored by a number of Skippers and could work well in a Buttefly Garden away from the coast.

Vitex rotundifolia, Beach Vitex, Round Leaf Vitex

Blue to Purple flowers and round leaves - Vitex rotundifolia - Beach Vitex, Round Leaf Vitex. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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