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Teucrium fruticans azureum - Bush Germander

Teucrium fruticans azureum is a robust hardy plant. Our Bush Germanders have thrived for years in the garden without suplimental water except in the driest gardens. I periodically trim them to shape and then enjoy the contrast of the beautiful blue flowers with the grey foliage. The bushes get to 4 feet tall, a little more if they are not trimmed. Teucrium fruticans azureum plants will form a slowly spreading clump of equal width. The Bush Germander spreads by underground runners, but slowly. The runners and shoots can be dug to generate new plants. The branches of Teucrium fruticans azureum age after a couple of years, a hard pruning close to ground level rejuvinates the Bush Germander

Teucrium fruticans azureum, Bush Germander

Blue flowers and grey foliage of Teucrium fruticans azureum - Bush Germander. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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