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Sedum spurium Tricolor - Two Row Stonecrop, Variegated Stonecrop

Sedum spurium Tricolor is a low groundcover becoming 3-6" tall. The variegated leaves are edged with white. The edges of the white lined leaves of Sedum spurium Tricolor turn pink with cold weather and have a bit of pink on the new foliage. Sedum spurium Tricolor bloom with pink flowers in the Summer. Sedum spurium Tricolor is drought tolerant and grows best in well drained soil. If you have clay soil Sedum spurium Tricolor will still grow if allowed to dry out between irrigation cycles or if planted on a slope. Sedum spurium Tricolor can be planted every foot to 18" and will spread to give good coverage. Sedum spurium Tricolor is reputedly hardy in Zone 4, far colder than we are likely to see in California. Sedum spurium Tricolor works well in a rock garden setting, container or massed as a groundcover.

Sedum spurium Tricolor, Two Row Stonecrop, Variegated Stonecrop

Variegated white edged leaves and pink flowers of Sedum spurium Tricolor - Two Row Stonecrop, Variegated Stonecrop. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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