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Passiflora Coral Sea - Coral Sea Passion Flower Vine

Passiflora Coral Sea says, "Tropics here we come". This salmon flowered beauty will bloom it's heart out as long as it stays warm. The lightest frost and say goodbye. Like all passion vines Passiflora Coral Sea is visited by the gulf fritillary butterflies and gulped by their progeny. This feasting rarely exceeds the growth rate of a happy passion vine. And the butterflies are one of the main attractions for growing Passiflora Coral Sea. Passion vines have interesting methods of spreading pollen. And intriguing egg mimic appendages to fool butterflies that wish to deposit their eggs.

Passiflora Coral Sea, Passion Vine

Coral pink flower of Passiflora Coral Sea - Passion Vine. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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