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Passiflora citrina - Lemon Passion Vine

Passiflora citrina is a small passion vine. The Lemon Passion Vine seems to prefer a bit of shade in Southern California. I planted Passiflora citrina in the sun. Runners went along the bottom of the fence where the Lemon Passion Vine rooted under the shade of a Wisteria. Each year Passiflora citrina has returned under the protection of that Wisteria. Passiflora citrina is native to the Honduras at moderate elevations. The yellow flowers are small for a Passion Vine at 1.5 inches. Passiflora citrina seemed to disappear during the winters even in a frost free Coastal Garden only to return each Spring. Passiflora citrina it is reputed to survive a frost, but I have yet to test that. From its origins Passiflora citrina would likely prefer a moist acidic soil, though in its coastal setting this plant gets little additional irrigation, a rather alkaline clay soil and is doing quite nicely. Passion vines have interesting methods of spreading pollen. And intriguing egg mimic appendages to fool butterflies that wish to deposit their eggs.

Passiflora citrina, Lemon Passion Vine

Yellow flowers of Passiflora citrina - Lemon Passion Vine. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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