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Mentzelia pectinata - San Joaquin Blazing Star

Mentzelia pectinata has these poppy like flowers through much of the Spring starting early at lower elevations and blooming into late Spring at higher elevations. The San Joaqun Blazing Star grows in disturbed areas in full sun and will even grow on northerly exposures when it still gets at least a little sun. Mentzelia pectinata will grow to a foot tall and wide. San Joaquin Blazing Star has orange flowers that close at night. Mentzelia pectinata is not particular about soil. The San Joaquin Blazing Star can often be found in disturbed areas and roadsides. I find this is a good indicator for garden success. At times Mentzelia pectinata can look like a field of poppies until you get close enough to see who they really are.

Mentzelia pectinata, San Joaquin Blazing Star

Dark centered orange flowers of Mentzelia pectinata - San Joaquin Blazing Star. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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