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Kalanchoe beharensis - Velvet Elephant Ear

Kalancoe beharensis has a striking silhouette, even the leaf scars on the trunks provide an interesting texture. The Velvet Elephant Ear can grow to 10-12 feet in a shady garden, somewhat less in full sun. Kalanchoe beharensis is quite drought tolerant. The Velvet Elephant Ear requires decent drainage. Kalanchoe beharensis blooms in late Winter to early Spring. The Velvet Elephant Ear flowers are white and after a short time detract from the plant. Kalanchoe beharensis is frost tender. I had plants survive into the mid to upper 20°s F in a vine covered arbor, but even light frost to exposed Kalanchoe beharensis plants will do major damage, and since it takes so long for new leaves to grow it is an eyesore for a long time.

Kalanchoe beharensis, Velvet Elephant Ear

Succulent foliage of Kalanchoe beharensis against a white wall - Velvet Elephant Ear. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

Kalanchoe beharensis, Velvet Elephant Ear

Fuzzy succulent foliage of Kalanchoe beharensis - Velvet Elephant Ear.

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