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Justicia fulvicoma * Mexican Plume

Justicia fulvicome grows to about two feet tall and slowly spreads by underground runners. The Mexican Plume grows in Full Sun to Partial Shade. The foliage of Justicia fulvicoma looks better with some shade during the heat of the day, particularly when planted in inland gardens. The Mexican Plume will bloom with its red to orange flowers in fairly dense shade as well. Justicia fulvicoma will survive Winter temperatures through the mid 20°s F, foliage is damaged in the high 20°s to low 30°s F. Add the Mexican Plume to your Butterfly Garden to attract the Cloudless Sulfur.

Justicia fulvicoma, Mexican Plume

Red to orange flowers and red bracts of Justicia Jambalaya - Dwarf Shrimp Plant. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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