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Hibiscus lasiocarpos - Woolly Rose Mallow

Hibiscus lasiocarpos is gorgeous in the Summer with its 4 inch white flowers with dark red centers. The Woolly Rose Mallow is native to wetlands in the northern part of the Central Valley in California. Hibiscus lasiocarpos is a perennial that spreads by underground runners. The California Hibiscus often still goes by the latin Hibiscus californicus in the trade. Hibiscus lasiocarpos grows to 6 feet tall and spreads to 3 feet or more in width. The Woolly Rose Mallow is winter deciduous, plants are likely hardy into the low 20°s F or high teens. Hibiscus lasiocarpos is easy to grow in sun or shade on the banks of ponds and wetlands and requires regular water in a garden setting. Hibiscus lasiocarpos is a great plant for attracting the Cloudless Sulfur Butterfly, Painted Lady, White Checkered Skipper, and Northern White Skipper to you garden.

Hibiscus lasiocarpos, Woolly Rose Mallow

Flowers and foliage of Hibiscus lasiocarpos - Woolly Rose Mallow. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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