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Geranium richardsonii - Richardson's Geranium

Geranium richardsonii is a perennial that grows to around a foot tall and wide from a woody taproot. Richardson's Geranium's roots will spread rhizomatously with time. Geranium richardsonii grows in full sun or shade at an elevation with the Lodgepole Pines and Yellow Pines. Geranium richardsonii grows in moist soils and may go summer deciduous if conditions dry out. Geranium richardsonii has white flowers with pale lavender pink stripes. Geranium richardsonii blooms from late Spring into Fall if treated well. Geranium richardsonii will not have issues with cold in California except in alpine conditions. Geranium richardsonii is native to the mountains of the Western United Stateds and Canada. Geranium richardsonii is a nice addition to the butterfly garden attracting checkerspot butterflies.

Geranium richardsonii, Richardson's Geranium

White flowers with lavender pink stripes Geranium richardsonii - Richardson's Geranium. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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