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Euphorbia characias Tasmanian Tiger * Variegated Spurge

Euphorbia characias Tasmanian Tiger has a strong variegation. The leaves are pale blue-green edged in white. From a distance the Tasmanian Tiger looks creamy white, so do the flowers. The Variegated Spurge will be in bloom from late Winter through Fall. Care should be taken when working with any Euphorbia because the milky sap is toxic and can burn the skin. I use gloves or pick up the cut bits with my pruning shears. The plants are reported to be hardy with Winter temperatures in the single digits. Our Euphorbia Tasmanian Tiger plants withstood the near record cold temperatures in our garden and didn't even stop blooming when so many other plants went to mush.

Euphorbia Tasmanian Tiger, Variegated Spurge

White flowers and variegated foliage of Euphorbia Tasmanian Tiger - Variegated Spurge. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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