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Echinacea Sunset ~ Sunset Cone Flower

Echinacea Sunset starts producing spectacular fragrant red flowers in the late Spring through much of the Summer. Echinacea Sunset grows 2-3 feet tall and makes a slowly expanding clump each year. Plants do best in regularly irrigated beds with frequent removal of the dead flowers to extend the blooming season. Plant in full sun to partial shade. Echinacea Sunset is a great choice for attracting butterflies to your garden. The White Checkered Skipper, Painted Lady, California Common Ringlet, Mormon Metalmark, Northern White Skipper, Great Purple Hairstreak, and Gray Hairstreak butterflies will use Echinacea Sunset as a nectar resource. These mid-west native plants are Winter hardy to below 0° F.

Echinacea Sunset, Sunset Cone Flower

Red flowers of Echinacea Sunset - Sunset Cone Flower. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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