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Campanula rotundifolia * Harebell

Campanula rotundifolia or Harebell wide ranging species native through moist sections of the Northern US and higher elevations of the lower states including California. Harebell is often available in rock garden nurseries. I had thought that meant that the Harebell would like well drained soils. From the soggy locations that I saw Campanula rotundifolia growing in the wild one can tell that it prefers a moist area with regular irrigation, and possibly not that much soil. This plant was growing in a small crevice in the exposed rock within the mist zone of a waterfall on the Minnesota Canadian border. With good garden conditions Campanula rotundifolia will produce blue flowers Spring through Fall. Campanula rotundifolia might do its best on the downhill side of a lawn where the runoff could keep it happy. Campanula rotundifolia will have no problems with any chill that California can produce.

Campanula rotundifolia, Harebell

Flowers and foliage of Campanula rotundifolia known as Harebell. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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