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Calochortus clavatus pallidus ~ Club Hair Mariposa Lily

Calochortus clavatus pallida is native to the chaparral and lower pine forests of the Coast and Transverse Ranges up to 6000 feet. This photo was taken at Figuroa Mountain in late May during a dry year. In cultivation Calochortus clavatus pallidus will require good drainage and a dry Summer. Calochortus clavatus pallidus blooms late in the season when most of the other wildflowers are spent. The yellow flowers of the Club Hair Mariposa Lily were growing in shale scree on south facing exposures. It is a sad kind of funny but California's native bulbs are used more in landscapes elsewhere than here. See the related Calochortus clavatus var clavatus.

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Calochortus calavatus pallida, Club Hair Mariposa Lily

Flowers and foliage of Calochortus clavatus pallidus the Club Hair Mariposa Lily. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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