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Bauhinia corymbosa - Phanera, Orchid Vine

Bauhinia corymbosa goes by the common names of Phanera or Orchid Vine. The lavender flowers with red markings resemble orchids but are actually in the pea family. The spent flowers below are starting to form pods. Bauhinia corymbosa blooms Spring through Fall. The Orchid vine can reach 20 feet or more. I have used Phanera both as a climbing vine and trailing along the top of a wall. Bauhinia corymbosa is drought tolerant but will look and bloom better with periodic water. Bauhinia corymbosa does self sow but not rediculously. Bauhinia corymbosa is not particular about soils. Bauhinia corymbosa is fairly frost tolerant but will go Winter deciduous if conditions become too harsh. Bauhinia corymbosa is hardy to 20°F and maybe colder for brief stretches.

Bauhinia corymbosa, Phanera, Orchid Vine

Lavender flowers with red markings provide a burst of color Spring through Fall- Bauhinia corymbosa - Phanera, Orchid Vine. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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