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Alyogyne huegelii Mood Indigo ~ Mood Indigo Blue Hibiscus

Alyogyne huegelii Mood Indigo is a medium sized shrub, growing 6-8 feet tall and wide. The Mood Indigo Blue Hibiscus can be in bloom much of the year. These Blue Hibiscus are surprisingly hardy and almost always showing off its indigo purple flowers. Alyogyne huegelii Mood Indigo is drought tolerant and will subsist on natural conditions in coastal gardens, though it looks much better with some help. Alyogyne huegelii Mood Indigo tends to be open and somewhat leggy if not periodically tip pruned. Mood Indigo Blue Hibiscus prefers a sunny spot with good drainage. Plants are tolerant of less than ideal conditions but are often short lived. I have had Blue Hibiscus plants survive winters where the temperatures dipped into the low 20°s F. The plants are native to Australia. Alyogyne Mood Indigo is a nectar and larval food source for the Painted Lady Butterfly, White Checkered Skipper, and the Northern White Skipper and is a great addition to the butterfly garden.

Alyogyne huegelii Mood Indigo, Mood Indigo Blue Hibiscus

Purple flowers and foliage of Alyogyne Mood Indigo the Mood Indigo Blue Hibiscus. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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