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Agastache aurantiaca Apricot Sunrise * Orange Hyssop

Agastache aurantiaca is a fragrant native Hyssop of the Southwest US and Mexico. Agastache Apricot Sunrise has a great scent and puts on a near continuous show of flowers. With new orange flowers and fading pink flowers this is a showy plant. Agastache aurantiaca grows to about 3 feet tall and has a rather upright habit. The branches a little brittle. This hyssop needs regular irrigation and good drainage. I have lost Agastache Apricot Sunrise a number of times in less than ideal conditions. Once the right spot is found, Agastache Apricot Sunrise will put on a near continuous show. The long slender flowers attract hummingbirds and the roots attract gophers. Care should be taken.

Agastache Apricot Sunrise, Orange Hyssop

Flowers of Agastache Apricot Sunrise the Orange Hyssop.

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