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Achillea Hoffnung ~ Hoffnung Yarrow

Hoffnung Yarrow has flat fuzzy finely divided gray leaves that are beautiful in their own right. The pastel creamy yellow flowers hold for a long time on Achillea Hoffnung plants or in a vase and they can easily be dried. The fragrant foliage is about 1' tall and the clump gradually expands in width over the years. Achillea Hoffnung flowers grow on stalks up to 18" tall. A summer repeat bloom can be encouraged by deadheading the fading flowers. I prune out the older stalks each winter to encourage Achillea Hoffnung to produce new growth from the base. Achillea Hoffnung is hardy to zone 4. Achillea Great Expectations is the same as this plant. The background plant is Erigeron karvinskianus the Santa Barbara Daisy. Achillea Hoffnung is a great addition to the Butterfly Garden, attracting the Variable Checkerspot and Painted Lady, Northern White Skipper, Mormon Metalmark, California Common Ringlet, Great Purple Hairstreak, and the White Checkered Skipper.

Achillea Hoffnung, Hoffnung Yarrow

Fall leaves of Achillea Hoffnung the Hoffnung Yarrow. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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