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Vriesea hieroglyphica ~ King of the Bromeliads

Vriesea hieroglyphica is colorful in all seasons. The King of the Bromeliads blooms in Spring producing stalks of creamy yellow to white flowers. Vriesea hieroglyphica grows to 18-24" tall and 18" wide. Vriesea hieroglyphica does best in light to full Shade. Water your Vriesea hieroglyphica from the top, the water will catch in the vase shaped leaves. Watering the soil can rot Vriesea hieroglyphica and leave the top dry. The King of the Bromeliads is easily abused by errant dogs and wild rakes so setting these plants back from pathways is a good plan. Vriesea hieroglyphica prefers slightly acidic water so your local water may singe the edges of the leaves unless you use R/O water. Vriesea hieroglyphica works indoors or if outdoors protect plants or bring them in if tems will approach 30°s F. Vriesea hieroglyphica has been grown under the name Tillandsia hieroglyphica and may still be found by that name.

Vriesea hieroglyphica, King of the Bromeliads

Hieroglypics-like foliage of Vriesea hieroglyphica the King of the Bromeliads. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.