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Bromeliads are often epiphytic and are sometime called Air Plants. We will include those Air Plants but our focus is on the plants that we can plant in the dirt. These terrestrial Bromeliads are spectacular, attracting hummingbirds like no other, and are often easy to grow with little help from our irrigation systems. Some are from environments that might call our's lush and verdant.

When we can grow almost anything, it stands to reason that we should not recreate the gardens of the local strip mall. Those strip malls are not filled with bad plants, just boring oft used ones. So plant a Bromeliad in your garden, make your garden unique in your neighborhood. For the most part Bromeliads are not any more difficult to grow than their more commonplace relatives, just a lot more fun.

Bromeliads List

Aechmeaa recurvata var. recurvata * False Tillandsia
Billbergia nutans * Queen's Tears
Bromelia humilis
Deuterocohnia brevifolia
Dykia fosteriana
Puya alpestris * Sapphire Tower
Puya venusta
Vriesea hieroglyphica
Tillandsia bergeri